Refrigeration & cost balance

For food concept, shop & kiosk

Smart refrigeration solutions for your fresh food shops

Nowadays, people want convenience solutions on the go. So you have fresh food prepared in the catering kitchens of your on-the-go shops, kiosks or food concept, or you purchase pre-packed. This requires refrigeration that always performs; refrigeration that may be a bit more expensive when purchased, but that is much better for your total cost of ownership. This requires a partnership with Veld Koeltechniek Foodservice.

At Veld Koeltechniek Foodservice you can find sustainable and cost-efficient refrigeration technology for your total freezing, refrigerating, and heating requirement. As a team we discuss the best solution for every question you may have; in particular for your catering kitchens, filling station shops, specialist shops, and fresh food on-the-go shops. In the meanwhile, we always look ahead to see how things can improve even more. For you. And for the next generation.

‘Just’ purchasing or becoming a partner...

You can purchase refrigeration technology anywhere. Do you prefer working with a partner that departs from what is important to your organisation? Then already mention your priorities in the orientation phase. Total cost management, sustainable technology, operational reliability through reliable installations with remote control and spare parts in stock? Experience, just like BP and NS to name but a few, how, as a good sparring partner, we always realise the most sustainable and cost-efficient solution for you: refrigeration that always works and prevents loss of turnover.

At the cutting edge together

With us, you also take advantage of a wealth of knowledge in refrigeration in the retail environment, including at the best known supermarket chains. And also thanks to our own research and development team, you have an innovation partner who is always at the cutting edge of the latest technology. This way your organisation will also be at the cutting edge. From our family business, we make it happen together with you as a winning team!


Sustainable at your level

How far do you want to take sustainability? You are, in any case, making the right choice with natural coolant CO2. We will be pleased to inform you of the consequences and possibilities. And also of other sustainable choices. This way you save energy and your installations will last longer. Tip: calculate for ready-to-plug refrigeration solutions if switching to more energy-efficient solutions will pay off!

Delivered and fulfilled quickly

Once you have made the decision to cooperate, you also want your filling station shops or kiosks to quickly become operational. Good news: we are known to switch as quick as a flash. And to deliver on every promise. That results in (operational) reliability. In addition, we always think along with you. Are delivery times disappointing due to crises? Then together we check how things can be done differently for your establishments.


In good hands in case of service situations

We monitor and optimise your installation 24/7. How? By using data of your equipment from our in-company control room in the Netherlands and Bonaire as a guideline for predictive maintenance. Result? Less downtime. From the control room we often immediately solve, where required, the initial failures remotely, also at night.

Safety with the right papers

With us you also have the assurance that we operate extra safely. This is an important reason why so many filling, rail, and food concept businesses opt for us. Namely, our mechanics follow various (safety) courses, they have the right competencies and diplomas. For instance, they all have an SCC diploma and we are also SCC-certified as an organisation.  We feel very strongly about safety, both the safety of our people and that of yours and your customers. So, a safe thought for you when people walk onto the train platforms or at the filling stations where we are active.


Quickly installed, even in large quantities
Choice in repair speed and solutions
Natural coolant CO2 = environmental saving and cost reduction

Want to know more?

Let's get acquainted soon and brainstorm without obligation as a supplier of (operational) reliability. Contact the sales team for this; Harro and Pascal are pleased to be of assistance!


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